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SMEs need access to business loans without wasting time on meetings and paperwork that isn’t necessary. Spotcap is committed to delivering a prompt, flexible funding solution, delivered online to save them time.

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Spotcap has helped thousands of SMEs, in four countries, to reach their potential.

Could you have a place in the Spotcap team?

We’re looking for people who thrive on flexibility and overcoming challenges as they deliver on their commitment to seeing small and medium-sized businesses grow and succeed. If that sounds like you, and you’re keen to play a part in the next generation of fintech providers, get in touch!

“Spotcap Australia has issued more than $1 million worth of credit to SMEs in its first 60 days of operation, which has exceeded our expectations and validates to us that there is significant demand for our credit line product from SMEs in Australia.”

“Spotcap will differentiate itself by offering a free line of credit for up to three months. As soon as the company starts drawing on the loan, it becomes a “vanilla amortising” business loan that has to be paid back within six months.”

“Spotcap’s better-than-expected launch has driven the company to more than double its maximum loan size to $250,000. The company has also lent to businesses from all states and territories, mostly to those in the retail and services sectors.”