Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo

“I’ve got a pretty healthy appetite for risk,” said Taryn Williams, Founder and CEO, Wink Models

Taryn’s appetite for risk seems to have encouraged many decisions in her life, including learning to fly a plane at 15 and deciding to leave behind a degree in international relations at age 17 when she was offered an opportunity to model in Korea.

“The university said they’d fail me on attendance, regardless of me passing all my exams. In the end, I had to make a choice about where I thought my future was going to go and I couldn’t pass up this amazing life lesson and opportunity.”

It is clear that even at such a young age Taryn understood passion, aptitude, and a willingness to take a smart-risk were far more likely to yield results than a piece of paper.

Taryn’s smart-risk paid off. After working as an international model for a number of years she started her own modelling agency to counteract the inequalities she had observed within the industry.

“Starting your own business is in itself a big risk, but it’s a smart risk if you are a good founder with all the right skills, connections, team, training and mindset,” said Taryn.

WINK was founded on the basis of treating models with decency and respect. Taryn pays her models within seven days, even if the client hasn’t paid. This was a bold, brave decision which carried considerable risk but now WINK is one of Australia’s leading modelling agencies.

Taryn’s hunger and willingness to embrace the unknown drove her to challenge the status quo once more with, a new venture is set to disrupt the talent industry and her own business in the process.

Taryn is an advocate of smart-risk taking. Without it an entrepreneur may get left behind.
When an opportunity presents itself, a smart entrepreneur says YES which is why Taryn has joined us on the judging panel for #YesisMore, a competition to reward brave business owners who say YES.

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