Entrepreneurs fly without safety nets

“Being scared of the unknown… that’s what’s holding people back. 120 million per cent” – said Natasha Stewart, founder, Business Jump and Mum CFOs.

Would you ever jump without a safety net?

No? Well you’re not alone! Most of us are far too cautious for that kind of thing. Not entrepreneurs though, they’re a special bunch who aren’t afraid to fall.

Natasha Stewart is a serial entrepreneur and long-time supporter of women and mothers in business. Why? Because she is one, she lives and breathes the challenges that come with running a business (or two) and having a young family.

After Natasha Stewart had her first bub she went back to her old job. She wasn’t welcomed back with open arms though and ended up being let go.

It was a difficult time with a new baby at home. Natasha could have found another job. That would have been the safe choice. But let’s be honest, an entrepreneur’s journey doesn’t begin that way.

Natasha took a leap of faith (with no safety net in sight) and decided to start her own business.

“My hands were shaking when I made the decision to believe in myself instead of going back the consistent thing, back to work,” said Natasha.

Natasha sold her first business within a few years but she had tasted entrepreneurship and was hooked. She had discovered her own determination, thirst for the creative process, love of small business and wanted to help others. Business Jump and Mum CFOs were both born from those passions.

Mum CFOs, is focused on the crucial role mothers play as the Chief Financial Officer of a household. The community is made up of women concerned with not only children and family but also finance and business. Business Jump marries her passion for small business, the process of creating and starting a business, with to her desire to help others, specifically mothers to become entrepreneurs.

Natasha now encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to take a leap of faith, to say YES to themselves and YES to their business dreams. That’s why Natasha is a part of Yes is More, a competition to uncover Australia’s bravest business owner with a $5,000 prize for the winner!

Entries close 26 June 2016


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