Four marketing tactics to get your business swept up in cup fever

It’s the race that stops the nation. In Victoria, it’s a public holiday and for the rest of the country it usually means a long, long lunch. With the race only a week away, is your business ready to get caught up in cup fever? Like any other social event in the calendar, businesses need to think about using the event as an opportunity to engage your customers.

Here are four marketing tactics for your business to leverage the excitement of the Melbourne Cup…

1. Get competitive

Run a competition for your customers to share their favourite Melbourne Cup moment and share the best entries on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Promote your competition through your social accounts and newsletter. Make sure the prize is enticing enough to make your clients want to enter the competition – we think you can’t go wrong with champagne!

2. Clean sweep

It’s the one day of the year that almost everyone gets involved with putting on a friendly bet, so why not run a sweepstake with your customers? You can do the sweepstake online if you don’t see your customers face to face. Don’t forget that a good sweepstake always rewards the winners and lucky last.

3. Dine out on the event

Melbourne Cup is a great excuse to take out your clients and reward them with a long lunch. Plan ahead to make sure you get a table near the screen so that you get a good view of the race. Try and choose a venue that reflects your brand and the types of customers your hosting – that doesn’t mean it has to cost you an arm and a leg but it needs to be somewhere you’re comfortable with.

4. Get social

Celebrate the day on social media with Melbourne Cup celebration posts. Why not  encourage your customers to post their Melbourne Cup selfies to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account in return for a discount reward? Don’t forget to create your own hashtag to keep track of entries.

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