Spotcap’s Lachlan Heussler named top fintech influencer

Managing Director of Spotcap Australia and New Zealand, Lachlan Heussler, has just been named a fintech industry influencer by

Billed as the definitive list of people helping to shape the industry in this part of the world, Lachlan is in esteemed company in the top 25. A wide variety of heavy-hitters from various areas of the fintech industry – everything from co-working hubs, the media, blockchain, payments and regulation – are represented.

“It’s an honour to be named amongst the 25 best fintech influencers,” said Lachlan.

“Like many others on the list, we are trying to change the way businesses access finance through fintech. We look forward to increasing Spotcap’s presence in both Australia and New Zealand, and continuing to help our SME clients grow their businesses.”

The top 25 are each represented by a cartoon superhero version of themselves, and given a superpower relative to their impact on the industry. For Spotcap’s achievements as a small business lender, Lachlan’s power is ‘enabling the little guy’.

See the full list here.

Business growth awaits

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