Spotcap Grows Businesses in SYD

If you happened to check out the B2B Expo in Sydney earlier this month, you may have seen us planting seeds and growing businesses.


Because Spotcap helps small business grow. We’ve already helped hundreds of SMEs turn great businesses into something extraordinary. Get to know some of our customers, and read about their successes here.

Too many of our customers were turned away by a traditional lender when applying for small business loans because they typically have less documentation and shorter financial histories than their larger counterparts.

That’s why Spotcap developed a unique approach to assessing applications for business finance. Our proprietary credit scoring algorithm assesses recent business performance and cash flow. Our credit specialists consider a range of business data including online reviews, growth potential and other qualitative indicators. This process provides a far more accurate picture of financial health and allows us to support small business.

Interested in growing your business into something extraordinary? Find out how Spotcap can help.

Thanks to all the Aussie SMEs who got on board and planted an Australian native for their business.

Hold tight, your plants are on the way, give them plenty of TLC and watch them grow.


Business growth awaits

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