Spotcap’s Guide to Alternative Finance

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Despite being the backbone of the Australian economy, many small businesses struggle to access the finance they need to grow. Fortunately, the emerging alternative finance industry is stepping up to bridge a $60b funding gap.


From equity crowdfunding to peer-to-peer lending, awareness and understanding of the facets of alternative finance is still relatively low. More than half of respondents in a recent market survey said they were not aware of online lending options, and that they would need more information before they would consider non‐bank lending alternatives. This is why Spotcap has developed a guide to alternative finance for small businesses.


The guide


Spotcap has managed to launch an interactive portal to help and explain further awareness of non-banking lending options for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs). Developed in conjunction with different types of fintech (financial technology) lenders across other business models and industry verticals, Spotcap’s portal helps clarify the different options and resources now available to small businesses, as an alternative to traditional institutions such as banks, according to their business’ needs.  


This guide is a great way to gain some more clarity and simplicity when choosing what sort of finance is suited to your business. It includes a range of potential options that businesses will be taken through in order to understand the necessary financing information for their needs. It covers – amongst others – equity crowdfunding, online lending, peer-to-peer financing and invoice financing.
The full guide is published on our website here.


Spotcap lends amounts of up to $500k to SMEs providing flexible and accessible funding solutions to business clients. Since its establishment in Australia nearly two years ago, Spotcap has assisted hundreds of SMEs reach their potential


Since Spotcaps’s establishment in Australia nearly two years ago, the company has anecdotally found that awareness surrounding fintech and the types of finance available to small businesses remain the main barriers to the further market penetration of the wider alternative lending sector. This guide is designed to assist businesses in solving a problem and spread greater awareness around alternative finance options.


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