TED Talk Collection: What Does It Take to Innovate

What drives creativity and innovation in an enterprise? In 2018’s Australian Business Innovation Index, 51 percent cited leadership as the most contributing factor.

To find out what good leadership looks like, we reviewed presentations that studied some of the most successful enterprises of our time.

What did we find? No talk highlighted the individual creativity of one phenomenal leader. Instead, they found that good leadership creates an environment where collective work and debate can take center stage and thrive. Take a look.

“How to manage for collective creativity” by Linda Hill


How do innovative companies source their ideas? Not by relying on the solo vision of one leader, says Linda Hill, a professor at Harvard Business School. By creating an environment that encourages collective creativity, the businesses she studied have been able to achieve monumental results that shape our lives in unexpected ways. Learn more about how companies like Google and Pixar have been able to maximise their creativity, and leave a mark that’s hard to forget.

“What are you willing to give up to change the way we work” by Martin Danoesastro


BCG’s Martin Danoesastro has found that when businesses try to reinvent themselves, they miss one important detail: they forget that change isn’t only about embracing the new, it’s also about giving up some of the old. Watch his talk to learn the approach he has used to help transform large organisations into efficient innovators.

“Dare to disagree” by Margaret Heffernan


Do we know how to think? A seemingly rhetorical question, but one that Margaret Heffernan, former CEO of five businesses, brings up in earnest. She shows how our instincts to avoid conflict are hurting our organisations, partnerships, and most of all, our ability to think progressively.

Look out for the next part of the series, which will explore more insight into finding and keeping the right talent. In the meantime, why not check our curated list of TED talks on business strategy?