TED Talk Collection: Talent — How to Find It, How to Keep It

Sourcing talent is a rising challenge across the globe, and Australian businesses are also feeling the pinch. Research by ManpowerGroup found that on average 34 percent of Australian employers struggle to fill open jobs. Twenty-five percent cited a lack of applicants as the main cause of the problem, followed by a lack of hard skills (21%) and experience (19%).

With the right talent being in such short supply, how can Australian businesses overcome their competition in attracting applications? Here’s what we can learn from executives and seasoned HR specialists:

“Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume” by Regina Hartley


It’s a given that companies want the best talent — expertise and the right approach can propel their vision forward. But is a flawless resume a sure sign that you’ve found the right candidate? Human resources expert Regina Hartley has learned how to read between the lines of an application, and shows how to find hires that can bring passion, perseverance and resilience to your enterprise.

“Eight lessons on building a company people enjoy working for” by Patty McCord


Does your business maintain an environment that attracts hires and gives them what they need? Over the course of her career as an HR professional — including 14 years as chief talent officer at Netflix — Patty McCord has learned a few things about how to build a company culture that is appealing, fun, and productive.

“This is what makes employees happy at work” by Michael C. Bush


As the CEO of Great Places to Work — the organisation that publishes the annual FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For list — Michael C. Bush has a few simple insights on what people need to feel happy and motivated at work.

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