‘Twas three weeks before Christmas…so time to sort out your marketing!

Four tips for sorting out your Christmas marketing.

It’s three weeks til Christmas and it’s that time of year when everyone goes a little nuts with spending! Is your business getting enough of that spend? Whether your business is retail or another industry, this is the time of year your customers are spending money money money. And this is the time of year that every business is out there marketing and competing for the attention of your customer. To make sure your business is cutting through the noise, try these four marketing tips today.

1. Look at your data

With every business out there marketing at this time of year, it can be hard to reach your customer. The heavy competition means you need to cut through the clutter and talk directly to your customers.

Use your customer data to work out what your target audience is looking for and where they’re looking. The insights you gain from your data will help you create targeted messages to engage with your customers.

2. Think mobile

Over 15 million Australians now own a smartphone, so you can safely assume they are using their mobile to either research or buy.

Catch them while they’re on the move with mobile advertising and make sure your website experience is suitable for mobile. Small tweaks such as updating your contact page to make it easy for mobile navigation could be the difference between converting and losing a sale.

3. Share it

People love sharing at Christmas and this includes sharing on social. If you’re in retail, think about social content you can create that’s worth sharing such as Christmas gift ideas, best-selling gifts this season or best selling gifts of all time (including some of your current stock).

Everyone’s looking for gift ideas, so make it easy and make it visible – upping your Facebook spend this time of year could be very worthwhile.

4. Last minute shopping

Christmas shopping trends change year to year. Last year, in the early weeks of the shopping period, Aussies were mostly spending on electronics, homewares, books and furniture. Then as Christmas got closer, spending moved towards clothes, presents, food and alcohol.

Capitalise on the last minute shoppers, who will be looking for gift vouchers. If you haven’t already, set up your gift voucher promotions for the next couple of weeks.

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