Why aren’t people applying for jobs in your business?

Five ways to build your employer brand

Are you finding that you’re just not attracting top applicants for jobs in your business? Have you found you’re not getting much interest in open roles you have advertised? It’s a competitive market and in the same way you market to your customers, you need to be thinking about how you market to your future employees. No matter the size your business, if you have people working for you or you plan to in the future, your employer brand is critical to your business success. Employer brand is your value proposition to employees, as opposed to your value proposition to customers. Having a positive reputation as an employer will enable you to attract and retain the best people for your business.

Here are five ways to effectively build your employer brand so you can attract the right people to work for your business:

  1. At the heart of your employer brand are your purpose, vision and values. They need to be meaningful to your employees and future employees. You can use your values as criteria for the people your bring into the organisation – if they’re not aligned with your values, they are not the right fit.
  2. Take care of the career page on your website. This is often the page that is deprioritised when it comes to updating content. If your priority is attracting and retaining talent (and it should be), then this page needs to be nurtured like your homepage. The benefits of being a part of your business must be immediately clear for visitors to the page. Video is an effective way to tell your story and communicate the benefits.
  3. Glassdoor.com.au is the Tripadvisor for job hunters, with millions of company reviews available at job seeker’s fingertips. This is often the first place people go when researching prospective employers. Potential candidates will check your business reviews and rating on the site. Make sure you encourage your employees to review your business. 
  4. LinkedIn.com remains the powerhouse of online networking. Your business profile needs to be up to date and clearly communicate why the people you’re trying to attract would want to join your team. Awards and customer testimonials are important for raising your profile. Future employees will also be looking at your personal profile, so make sure the information and your updates are on brand.
  5. Starting a new job can be daunting, particularly that first day on the job. To make your new employees feel part of the team, provide them with a welcome pack. Who wouldn’t want a branded t-shirt, drink bottle or notebook? Set up their welcome pack at their new work station and you’ll find your new employees snapping selfies to share on social media as a way of announcing their new role.

In the same way you think about your customer experience, you need to be thinking about your employee experience. Think about where your future employees are looking for information about your business and make sure it reflects your brand. At the end of the day, the happier your employees are, the healthier your employer brand will be.