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What's different about Spotcap business loans?

A decision within one working day

Free, non-committal application

Unsecured – no collateral required

No fees for repaying early

Finance for growing businesses

SMEs need access to capital to grow and innovate. An unsecured business loan from Spotcap can help you expand operations

Businesses are eligible to receive up to $250,000 of finance

You will only ever pay interest on what you use

An online application can be completed in five minutes

The loan is repaid over 6-12 months, in monthly instalments

How to apply for a business loan from Spotcap

It can take just 5 minutes to complete your application

Business Loan Australia Application Process

Sign up to to check eligibility

Find out if you qualify by completing a short form

Enter key business details

Provide information on responsibilities and how you plan to use your loan

Connect your accounting software

Give us read-only access to your accounting software or upload key documents.

Connect your business bank account

This allows us to make a fast assessment of your applications. Your data is protected with bank level security

How Spotcap can finance your business?

Spotcap's business loans are in the form of lines of credit


When your application has been approved, we offer you a line of credit. Your funds will be available within 24 hours


Your credit line is available for 1 to 3 months. During this period you may drawn down as much or as little as you need


Each drawdown on your credit line is a separate business loan. Each loan has the same interest rate


Each loan is repaid monthly over an agreed period of time (between 1 and 12 months). After the first month, you can repay your loan early without penalty


When your credit line expires you may request a rescore. This means that we reassess your information and determine if we can offer a longer repayment schedule or larger credit line

Spotcap business loan calculator

  • Amount
    $ 125,000
  • Time
    9 months


Monthly repayment

For illustrative purposes only. The example shown above is based on an average Spotcap customer. We base our decisions on several criteria and loans can only be granted to borrowers who can afford repayments. For more information about responsible lending click here or contact us directly.

Monthly repayment


  • Amount
    $ 125,000
  • Time
    9 months
For illustrative purposes only. The example shown above is based on an average Spotcap customer. We base our decisions on several criteria and loans can only be granted to borrowers who can afford repayments. For more information about responsible lending click here or contact us directly.

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working capital loans customer quote

“Spotcap’s online process was simple and straight-forward and I was approved for finance in no time at all.”

Spencer Smith

Founder, RV Solar Supplies

How Spotcap's existing clients have used their business loans to grow

It’s your business, so you choose how to use the funds we make available through a business line of credit for a variety of long, and short term activities:

  • Purchasing inventory

    Buying the stock needed to meet increasing demand

  • Managing cash flows

    Bridging budget gaps in busy periods

  • Remodelling & renovation

    Transforming premises and real estate

  • Hiring staff

    Financing recruitment drives to expand operations

Compatible accounting softwares

Business Loans Australia Accounting Software

Understanding business loans

Information you need to know as a business owner

Why do small businesses find it challenging to access loans?

  • In the aftermath of the 2007 financial crisis, SMEs and entrepreneurs suffered a dramatic drop in demand for goods and services, plus and a squeeze in access to credit.
  • Lending to small businesses – a historically unprofitable sector for traditional lenders – was tightened drastically. As a result, obtaining a business loan from a traditional lender has become challenging and time-consuming for small businesses.
  • This is problematic as limited access to finance is one of the biggest challenges to the creation, survival and continued growth of small and mid-sized businesses – especially businesses that are selling or developing new and innovative products.
  • Business loans are often vital sources of working capital for SMEs – money that lets them bridge receivables, buy new stock and upgrade their systems.

Are business loans secured?

  • Some are and some aren’t. A secured business loan – the type usually issued by a traditional lender – tends to be tied to an asset, such as a piece of real estate, machinery or a vehicle.
  • Security can also be in the form of a director’s guarantee. Security, also known as collateral, offers a lender a degree of protection when they provide a credit facility. An unsecured business loan isn’t tied to an asset.
  • Instead, a lender will base the amount of credit and the corresponding interest rate on the performance and creditworthiness of a business. In lieu of collateral, unsecured business loans tend to have higher interest rates.

How much information does a business lender require?

  • Practices vary amongst lenders, but a lender may ask for several pieces of information about you and your business.
  • Firstly, a lender will want to know how much credit your business needs. From your side, this requires a well-considered budget corroborated by financial projections.
  • Secondly, you may be required to disclose what you need the business loan for. This helps the underwriters who will approve or deny the request.
  • Thirdly, a lender may ask for a cash flow report and an industry risk report, as well as how long you have been in business. Sometimes, your personal credit score will be considered.

How long does it take to get a business loan?

  • This varies between lenders. In the case of traditional lenders like banks or credit unions, applications can be time-consuming and you may wait between four and six weeks for a decision.
  • With alternative lenders, the application process tends to be faster. Some alternative lenders can offer a credit facility within one working day.

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