Broker Spotlight | Matthew Rostami from MBR Association

Matthew Rostami, Director of the MBR Association and member of Red Rock aggregation group, was drawn to the broking industry to fulfil his desire to help everyday Australians obtain finance.

In his position, he finds tailored solutions for a range of different client needs, ranging from mortgage deals to small business loans.

As a previous small business owner, Matthew knows first-hand how frustrating and difficult it can be to access funding, especially when working with traditional lenders, who often deliver a ‘slow no’.

So when Matthew had the opportunity to help other business owners gain access to smart and simple business loans with Spotcap, he started referring immediately.

One of his clients, a building company based in NSW, was experiencing a cash flow shortage and needed a short-term boost to buy the raw materials needed for a new contract.

After completing the application online on behalf of the client, Spotcap provided the company with $60,000 in 24 hours, allowing them to capitalise on the lucrative contract and boost their business.

“Applying online for a Spotcap unsecured business loan was easy, quick and hassle-free. I definitely recommend it.”

His client was extremely pleased with the outcome and the peace of mind Spotcap was able to provide.

For Matthew, a major benefit of using Spotcap was the service. He noted: “I had a great experience with the customer-service at Spotcap. My BDM Yuan was always available to help with scenarios, and would consistently update and follow up with me.”

“Compared to other lenders, Spotcap has better rates, less paperwork and they are simply easier to use.”

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