Partner Spotlight | Ryan Kim from Kim Partners

With over 10 years in the accounting field, Ryan Kim has evolved in his role from the traditional accountant to a provider of tailored business finance advice. The evolution stems from his commitment to and passion for building relationships with clients and ensuring that his services meet both their business and personal goals.

As the Principal at Kim Partners Accountants, variety inspires Ryan’s devotion to his work, engaging with a range of clients to consistently be exposed to new financial dilemmas and discover new solutions. With a diverse client base, ranging from high-net-worth individuals to small restaurant owners, Ryan has a clear understanding of businesses’ individual and unique financial needs.

Two needs are always consistent: accessibility and affordability.

Small business owners demand financial accessibility and affordability more than anyone else. Their businesses are dynamic, flexible and fast, and their access to finance needs to match this.

Ryan said, “Previously when I helped my clients to get unsecured business loans from banks, I had to prepare their business plan or similar ones. It usually takes two to four weeks to get approval and funds transferred into my client’s bank account.”

After discovering the alternative lending market, Ryan has hardly revisited traditional financial institutions for small business loans. “I always explain to my clients about both options (banks and alternative lenders) and they go with Spotcap when they value speed and flexibility. It takes just a few days to get funds transferred into my client’s bank account,” he said.

Parallel with his commitment to finding flexible and affordable business finance solutions, Ryan appreciates the role cloud accounting software plays in saving business owners their most valuable asset: time.

“Cloud accounting services are essential for both business owners and accountants. Most small business owners don’t have enough time to do bookkeeping and have a limited budget for their bookkeeping. Thanks to cloud accounting platforms, these issues are now resolved by either training my clients how to use cloud accounting platforms or doing bookkeeping for my clients without a huge fee.”

Ryan’s devotion to his clients is contagious. His passion, dedication and commitment to his work is a perfect example of the incredible tailored financial advice options available that put the client’s needs first, always.