Partner Video Case Study: Mathew Harrison, Lifetime Finance

Mathew Harrison, Director of Lifetime Finance, sat down with Spotcap to reveal how he helps his clients with our smart and simple business loans.



Speaking from his offices in Thornbury, Melbourne, Mathew explained that Spotcap enables him to successfully diversify into offering small and medium-sized business loans to his clients.

Before turning to commercial broking, Mat worked with Westpac for over 31 years, including 20 years dealing with home finance. He currently holds a Cert IV in broking, as well as an associate diploma in accounting.


“Spotcap helps my clients with finance so they don’t miss out on business opportunities”


Mathew’s success stems from his unique approach to finance that has fuelled his powerful ability to distinguish the individual financial needs of his clients and craft tailored solutions.

“Due to my many years of experience being within the finance industry, my knowledge and experience sets me apart from other brokers in the industry. I use previous clients and their relationships as well as local neighbourhood and my immediate work surroundings,” he said.

Dedicating himself to actively searching for financial solutions that offer greater flexibility and affordability for his clients, Mathew found Spotcap.

“There is a clearly a need for Spotcap services in the unsecured lending area for those businesses who have a strong turnover but limited personal assets to secure a business loan from a traditional lender.”


“Spotcap gives me the assurance that I know my reputation is going to be enhanced.”


“I found Spotcap to be efficient by providing a quick and expedient turnaround time, as well as ongoing updates from them and my Account Manager, John Clifford. They also provided a competitive price and exceptional after-service as well.”