Partner Video Case Study: Angelo Attard, Linx Finance


“I recommend Spotcap because it supplies a quick solution for my clients needs”

Angelo Attard has worked with a multitude of Australian businesses to craft flexible and affordable business finance solutions.

From micro businesses to large firms, working with Linx Finance, Angelo’s seen first-hand that no matter the size or scale of the enterprise, in order to grow, every business needs access to flexible finance.

One of his clients is a local caravan manufacturer who was looking to purchase more inventory to meet growing demand. As any business owner knows, when consumer demand increases, the business needs to act swiftly to stay ahead of competitors. Spotcap’s line of credit model was the perfect solution for Angelo’s client. It provided the affordability, flexibility and speed the business needed to remain a market leader.

As well as providing an opportunity for the client, Spotcap opened a window for Angelo to diversify, extending from mortgage and insurance finance to lending for businesses.

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