Partner Spotlight | Rohit Aggarwal from Loans Down Under

Ingrained in the art of broking is the ability to spot market gaps and design ways to fill them. Rohit Aggarwal, from Loans Down Under, has done exactly this with the support of Spotcap.

Spotcap has become a fundamental part of Rohit’s offering with our ability to deliver customised financial solutions that are affordable, flexible and unsecured.

Rohit is a Sydney-based broker committed to creating opportunities for self-employed Australians. Despite making up 17% of the Australian labour force, these Australians face limited borrowing opportunity from traditional lenders.

Rohit’s broking firm specialises in designing customised financial solutions to meet the unique business needs of these Australians.  

Recently, Rohit worked with a self-employed builder who needed extra working capital to sustain his business between contract payments. Spotcap’s line of credit model was the flexible solution he needed. The builder had access to funds whenever he needed them but wasn’t tied down to paying interest on money he didn’t need at the time. The builder received a $200,000 line of credit at an affordable rate.

For Rohit, as well as the competitive pricing and unsecured advantage, the real value of Spotcap lies in the simple processes and dedicated employees.

The number of growth opportunities that Australian businesses miss due to lack of finance is enormous. A huge problem for businesses is an even bigger opportunity for smart brokers to diversify their offering by embracing alternative commercial lending. With Spotcap, partners can deliver competitive and market-leading solutions for businesses.

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