How a leading broker successfully diversified with Spotcap

Tony Van De Kerkhof, Connective broker and Director at JK Finance, has years of experience finding tailored funding solutions for his clients.

Recently, Tony noticed that a rising number of his clients were business owners who needed guidance in accessing affordable finance, falling into a gap that banks were reluctant to fill.



Like many savvy brokers, Tony saw this growing market and seized the opportunity to diversify and offer his clients smart and simple business loans with Spotcap.

One of the biggest challenges brokers face in today’s environment is diversification.

Spotcap makes it incredibly easy for brokers to diversify, with a simple online application, dedicated account managers and approval assessments within 24 hours.

“I think with all the changes in the industry, a lot of brokers do risk falling behind if they don’t diversify with options like Spotcap.”

“Spotcap is about creating lasting, high-value relationships for the broker and customer, which encourages brokers to grow their business and customer relationships in a healthy, sustainable way,” Tony added.

Diversify with smart and simple business loans

Expand the suite of services you offer your clients