Spotcap Partner Q&A – Tony van de Kerkhof


With two years of broking up his sleeve, supported by a decade of banking, Tony Van De Kerkhof knows the industry like the back of his hand.

Tony entered the industry inspired by a passion for crafting innovative solutions and solving problems. Now, as the Director of JK Finance, Tony is “addicted” to providing affordable, flexible and feasible financial solutions for families. Traditionally delivering exceptional tailored solutions for home loans, asset finance and reverse mortgages, Tony has recently extended his offering to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

The extended offering was instigated by the business’ recent partnership with a prominent accounting firm, that works with several SMEs that have experienced rapid levels of growth within the last 18 months. These businesses are fast-paced, dynamic and motivated to succeed, and their drive is fostering the growth of our local economy.

In light of this, Tony recognised the value of these businesses and committed to helping them grow through providing the tailored finance they need. He found this tailored finance with Spotcap, explaining: “The real need for Spotcap is for businesses that are growing rapidly and may not meet the traditional bank model. ”

Traditional lenders require security in return for a business loan, which most growing businesses simply don’t have. “Spotcap allows the growth medium-sized businesses need to mature”, said Tony. As an unsecured lender offering flexible repayment schedules, competitive interest rates and simple processes, Spotcap provides their clients with financial security – not the other way around.

On using Spotcap, Tony added: “The fast, online-only service ensures a seamless process which is certainly enjoyable, intuitive and cutting edge.”


Broker turns customer


As a testament to his trust in Spotcap’s lending services, Tony applied for a Spotcap loan to finance his own business and described the process as “ridiculously easy”.

He added: “It was super useful! I logged on, provided some basic details, linked my accounts, and voila! Money ready to hit the bank. There isn’t much to it, and that is what really stood out!”

We couldn’t be happier to have the support and commitment of Tony as a broker. He has a genuine, infectious passion for helping small businesses grow, and it has been a pleasure to provide our lending services to him and his clients.

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