Simplified access to business loans for your clients

Provide a better service to your clients by partnering with Spotcap. Through us, you can introduce them to a new, flexible approach to borrowing for business.

What is Spotcap?

Spotcap provides versatile business finance to small and medium-sized businesses. We offer funding of up to $250k, and we make quick and thorough credit decisions within 24 hours. Become a partner and you can help your clients secure the funds they need to take their business forward.

Online applications, fast responses.

Flexible, versatile, unique financial solutions.

Best practice advice and support.

Competitive interest rates and commissions.

How does the partner programme work?

Apply for accreditation

Complete the online application and we’ll get back to you promptly and explain more about how we can help you to help your clients.

Apply on behalf of clients

Through your exclusive access to our Partner Portal, you, or your clients, can submit a business loan application in just five minutes.

Ongoing advice and support

Ongoing access to our team of business finance experts, who can help you answer any questions your clients may have.

Why should I partner with Spotcap?

Here’s why thousands of brokers, accountants and other finance professionals have already become accredited Spotcap partners:

Avoid unnecessary paperwork

Time is money, which is why our online loan application process can be completed in a mere five minutes.

Loans at competitive prices

Our unique approach gives your clients access to a credit line, but they only pay for what they borrow, at competitive interest rates. There are no fees for early repayment.

Client satisfaction

Becoming a Spotcap partner helps your clients access flexible business finance which they can tailor to meet their own needs.

Swift decisions

We respond to applications within 24 hours. Our unique credit analysis algorithm allows us to make a prompt, robust assessment of the condition and creditworthiness of your client’s business.

Proprietary Partner Portal

Stay informed as you monitor your clients’ business loan applications on our exclusive user-friendly dashboard.

Get excellent advice

Don’t waste time on inappropriate business finance. Our consultants will guide you towards the right outcomes for your clients.

Partner with Spotcap

Leave us your details below and a Spotcap Specialist will be in touch very soon.

Want to know more about Spotcap?

  • What makes Spotcap different from other lenders?

    We offer businesses a quicker, more flexible way to borrow money than many of the traditional loan solutions. Our online application can be completed in just five minutes and we make a decision within 24 hours. Our fast yet robust approach is made possible by our rigorous credit analysis process, and this gives us the confidence to offer loans without requesting security.
  • How much can a business borrow from Spotcap?

    Our unsecured line of credit facility is for $10k to $250k. The amount made available to a particular business is based on their turnover, our assessment of their financial condition, and how much they request.
  • Does a loan need to be used for an agreed purpose?

    We know that commercial circumstances can change quickly. Once a line of credit is approved, the business can choose how it uses any money it draws down as a loan.
  • How fast can a business get access to funds?

    The online application process can be completed in just five minutes. If approved, the business will be notified within 24 hours and the funds become available immediately.
  • Do I have to complete all loan applications for my clients?

    No, your clients can apply online for themselves through our exclusive partner dashboard. This allows you to monitor the application process.
  • Can I speak to someone if I have more questions?

    Yes, our Partnerships Manager is here to help you. You can call them on 1800 10 70 10, or email The team is available every business day between 9:00am and 6:00pm.

Our partners

Major Spotcap Partners supporting SMEs

“Spotcap Australia has issued more than $1 million worth of credit to SMEs in its first 60 days of operation, which has exceeded our expectations and validates to us that there is significant demand for our credit line product from SMEs in Australia.”

“Spotcap will differentiate itself by offering a free line of credit for up to three months. As soon as the company starts drawing on the loan, it becomes a “vanilla amortising” business loan that has to be paid back within six months.”

“Spotcap’s better-than-expected launch has driven the company to more than double its maximum loan size to $250,000. The company has also lent to businesses from all states and territories, mostly to those in the retail and services sectors.”