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What is working capital finance?

Businesses thrive when they have the right funds to invest in their future. Working capital finance is one way to access those funds. The same level of funding access is possible with an unsecured business loan from Spotcap. The difference is that our finance solution isn’t tied directly to your invoice values, giving you more flexibility. Apply online for a line of credit and it only becomes a loan when you draw funds from it.

What can I use working capital for?

Because it’s your business, you choose how to use the finance we make available through a line of credit.

  • Upgrade business critical technology

  • Invest in staff training

  • Buy new stock or equipment

  • Expand your operations into a new region

  • Enhance your web presence

Why get working capital from Spotcap?

We have developed a unique, rigorous credit assessment algorithm that allows us to assess the financial condition of your business. This stringent approach, based on key financial documents you share with us, allows us to offer unsecured loans. We don’t ask for personal guarantees or any other form of security. This speeds up your application process, because there’s less documentation to submit. We assess your ability to repay based on the recent business performance data that you supply.

Spotcap's working capital - key features

  • Loan amount

    Your business could benefit from a loan of between $10k and $250k.

  • Loan terms

    Repayments are typically monthly, over 6-12 months. In addition, in the early months, you can choose how much of the credit line to draw down.

  • Criteria to qualify

    Spotcap business loans are available to firms operating in Australia, with a minimum turnover of $200k, who have been operational for 18 months and have an Australian bank account.

  • Interest rates

    The interest rate on your business loan will reflect market conditions and your recent business performance. Use our business loan calculator to estimate the interest rate and monthly repayments.

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