Small business loans up to $400k for Australian SMEs

Spotcap has helped over one thousand Australian companies to grow

What is different about a small business loan from Spotcap?

Unsecured, without collateral

No early repayment fees

Obligation-free application

Fast decision within one working day

Help to grow your business

Access to finance is at the heart of a healthy small business. A Spotcap capital solution can help your business grow to its full potential

SMEs are eligible for up to $400k of finance

Interest is only charged on what you use

It can take only 15 minutes to complete an online application

Loan is repaid monthly over a flexible period

How to apply for a small business loan from Spotcap

Completing an application can take as little as 15 minutes

Merchant cash advance application process

Sign up & confirm eligibility

Complete a short form to find out if you qualify

Enter essential business details

Share information on business structure, and how you plan to use your loan


Connect accounting software or upload documents

Provide us with read-only access to your accounting software or upload core documents

Connect your business bank account

This part of the process enables us to make a quick assessment of your application. We protect your data with bank level security

How a small business loan from Spotcap works

Spotcap's loans are in the form of a line of credit


Upon approval of a successful application, we offer you a line of credit. Within 24 hours, your finance will be available


Drawdowns on your credit line become separate business loans. Each business loan has the same interest rate


Your credit line is available for 1 to 3 months. You may drawn down as much or as little as you need in this time


Your loan is repaid monthly over an agreed period of time (between 1 and 24 months). You can repay your loan early without penalty after the first month


When your credit line expires you may request a rescore. A rescore reassesses your information and determines if we can offer a greater credit line

Spotcap loan payment calculator

  • Amount
    $ 100,000
  • Time
    12 months


Monthly repayment

For illustrative purposes only. The example shown above is based on an average Spotcap customer. We base our decisions on several criteria and loans can only be granted to borrowers who can afford repayments. For more information about responsible lending click here or contact us directly.

Monthly repayment


  • Amount
    $ 100,000
  • Time
    12 months
For illustrative purposes only. The example shown above is based on an average Spotcap customer. We base our decisions on several criteria and loans can only be granted to borrowers who can afford repayments. For more information about responsible lending click here or contact us directly.

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Understanding Small Business Loans

Information about small business loans you need to know as a business owner

How much collateral is needed for a small business loan?

  • When businesses apply for loans, the lender may ask for security or collateral in case the loan goes sour. Traditional lenders, like banks and credit unions, tend to ask a business to put up some collateral against their loan, such as property or stock. Other lenders, like alternative finance providers, offer finance that isn’t attached to collateral. Interests rates with these lenders can be higher.
  • An unsecured business loan and an unsecured line of credit are types of finance based solely on a business’s creditworthiness, history and financial condition. These options don’t require any collateral or personal guarantees, making them attractive solutions for healthy small and medium sized businesses that want faster access to credit.

What questions will I be asked when I apply for a loan?

  • When it comes to obtaining a small business loan, it helps to put yourself in the role of the lender that you’re interacting with. If you were in their shoes, what would you like to know about the business you’re lending to? What would make you feel confident about lending them money?
  • Requirements vary between lenders, but some common questions to expect surround your business performance, financial projections and the purpose of the loan. A lender may ask to see historical financial documents and accounting data, as well as your budget and projections. How a lender obtains and processes this information – and how fast they do it – depends on the their approach to both technology and risk.

Why do small businesses need access to finance?

  • After the 2007 financial crisis, SMEs were assaulted on two fronts. They suffered a drop in demand for goods and services and a squeeze in access to credit. Lending to small businesses was tightened drastically. This is an issue as access to finance is one of the biggest challenges to the creation, survival and continued growth of small and mid-sized businesses. Fortunately, the economy has made a partial recovery and SMEs have a greater access to finance.
  • Sometimes, small businesses struggle to keep growing, or require extra working capital to accommodate unexpected expenses, purchase stock or meet seasonal demand. Many small businesses find themselves needing additional funds to finance commercial opportunities or keep day-to-day operations running smoothly.
  • Often reliant upon clients fulfilling invoices, small businesses also use credit to manage their cash flows. Maintaining a healthy stream of working capital is a pain point for small businesses, especially as they balance late payments and unpredictable demand with fixed overheads like rent and payroll. These imbalances cause small businesses with a lack of working capital to struggle.

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