Spotcap Announce Scholarship Winner

Fintech Scholarship Spotcap Australia

Spotcap Australia is delighted to introduce the winner of the Spotcap Fintech Scholarship, Vishal Uppal.


As a current Finance and Computer Science student at the University of Sydney, and a previous student at the University of California, Vishal is committed to respecting the opportunities he has been given to fulfil his social responsibilities. As a testament to this, at the ripe age of 21, Vishal has already co-founded Hiraeth, a platform that utilises the Technological Arts to provide Australian refugees with access to capital.


His previous experience with IBM, Ernest & Young, Accenture, Capello Group, Drashta Capital and Australian Fund Motors, exemplifies his devotion to advancing his skills in finance and computer science.


Vishal’s personal goal is to instigate world-changing progress in personal finance. He plans to use this new opportunity with Spotcap to evolve his expertise in fintech, and foster his development towards this personal goal.


We are delighted to welcome such a focused and driven student to our company.


As a leader in one of Australia’s fastest growing sectors, Spotcap values their unique position and recognises their responsibility to foster the growth of new home-grown talent to allow the industry to evolve. Attracting suitable or qualified talent is one of the top internal challenges for fintechs in Australia, with 52% of fintech leaders agreeing that there is a lack of experienced start-up and fintech talent (2017 EY Fintech Australian Census).


Our fellowship program aims to raise awareness of the industry among students,  and encourage young Australians to value the influence of technology in remodelling the future of the financial services industry. Through providing students with the knowledge and experience they need to succeed, we believe we can successfully inspire a new generation of students that can collaboratively promote a thriving ecosystem for fintech in Australia.


The response to the fellowship initiative has been tremendous and we would like to thank all applicants, participating universities and the judging panel for their support.


Spotcap will continue to raise awareness of fintech and the opportunities for both individuals and communities. Applications will open again in April 2018.