Spotcap CEO, Jens Woloszczak, talks responsible lending at Altfi

AltFi, the global summits for the alternative finance sector, came to Sydney on 27 February. Held at Doltone House on Jones Bay Wharf, a number of Spotcap representatives attended, including both the Founder and CEO of Spotcap, Jens Woloszczak, and Lachlan Heussler, Managing Director of Spotcap Australia and New Zealand.

With the event held to explore challenges and opportunities for investors and alternative finance platforms, it attracted a wide range of industry attendees. Some of these included online lenders such as Spotcap, venture capitalists and investors, government representatives plus a few key executives from two of the four big banks.

How was Spotcap involved?

The day was an interesting networking event for all of us who attended; the highlight in our view was our CEO Jens, representing Spotcap on stage. He held a speaking role on the panel of discussion about responsible small business lending. When asked who we are responsible to, Jens told the audience of 250 that ultimately, for Spotcap, it’s our clients.

“We believe that the clients who choose Spotcap for finance are our priority. Without these small businesses and entrepreneurs, we don’t have anyone else to be responsible to. We like to consider them as the some of the most important people in the way we go about our work, and of course we love having their business – and often, their repeat business,” said Jens.

Without the consideration of those small businesses who have achieved their business goals through obtaining finance with Spotcap, we wouldn’t have a business to speak of – so naturally, we need to gear our future strategies and focus on those who will ultimately benefit from improved technology, pricing, customer service and overall experience.

What were the key discussions?

Other key themes through the wide variety of speakers included:

  • Regulation of the commercial lending sector in Australia;
  • How we might end up in competition with the banks – so a new age of collaboration must occur; and
  • The focus on the future of awareness and credibility for alternative lenders.

The evening provided a chance to continue the collaborative vibe, with the summit providing a networking drinks session. For a few hours as the sun set over Sydney Harbour, we all rubbed shoulders with the industry heavyweights from around the world, the leaders in the space in Australia, plus banking and investors who are looking to become more involved in the increasingly exciting world of alternative finance.

What’s next?

We look forward to supporting next year’s AltFi Australasian Summit. In our view, it is a great way to come together as an industry. We not only discuss mutual challenges and opportunities, but also form a big voice for an otherwise small industry.

As a key part of the dynamic, forward-thinking Australian market, the future is indeed looking bright for Spotcap!

Watch the full video of Jens’ panel discussion: